• Awards & Incubation

    - 1 -

    Competition Awards

    1st Place: 1 entry x ¥20,000

    2nd Place: 2 entries x ¥5,000

    3rd Place: 3 entries x ¥3,000

    honorable mention: 20 entries (Certification + Publication)

    Finalist: 50 entries (Certification + Publication)


    *Note: The above bonuses are in RMB including tax.

    - 2 -


    On site exhibition of outstanding entries (specific arrangements will be notified by the committee).


    - 3 -

    IP incubation

    • This competition will unite the government, universities, research institutions and matured manufacturing in the Yangtze River Delta to transform ideas with market potential. The selected entries of this competition will have opportunity to enter the design development and mass production sessions. An authorization letter and cooperation agreement will be signed between the organizer and designers, who will enjoy a corresponding proportion of sales dividends.
    • All participants will have opportunity to enter The Bund Design Community, and have priority in obtaining a new round of IP incubation and internal product testing opportunities.


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