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Isabelle Roskam:


What is your impression of Shanghai Bund?

I've heard about the Shanghai Bund but unfortunately I've never been there yet. I hope to visit Shanghai one day and then I will visit the Bund for sure. I'm expecting an exciting area where people from all over the world gather.

Please talk about your understanding of “new decade, new needs, new ideas”;

in the theme of this competition, and what are the new needs and new challenges you feel?​

Each generation is fighting their own battles and now we are struggling a massive global challenge. Forces must be joined more than ever. New skills, respect and understanding of all different backgrounds and ambitions are key. Artists and designers need to shape new tools, surroundings and ideas for a sustainable and balanced environment. They're able to connect the world. One of the challenges is that new ideas and "products" are needed while we don't want to oversupply the world. We need to take a huge step forward while going back to the basics.

Please talk about your understanding of design and innovation based on your design practice.

As an artist I'm always looking for the Why in my work. The drive I feel to create and "produce" is in my blood, my brain is non-stop seeking possibilities to connect and inspire. I see innovation as the answer to use this energy for social contribution and personal growth.

Design is forcing me to get to the essential of an idea, peeling all layers to the core. Because of my diverse background I'm able to set up a wide collection of works, from paintings to photography and from working with second hand ceramics to creating new objects of glass. The "why" is guiding me into the right material or product, being innovative is key in this process.

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