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    After discussions among judges from museum, universities, design, marketing, supply chain, etc., this competition is concluded that the shortlisted works did not meet the “first prize” requirements in terms of design, market, and mass production at the same time (that is, a contract can be signed directly for design developemtn and mass production), so the "first prize" of this competition is vacant. In order to keep the total number of shortlisted places unchanged, an additional "second prize" place has been added.

    Second Prize


    Soulpass is an Art and Design Studio:Qianli Ma、Maria Luisa Uth

    For the Weitan buildings we came up with the idea of a board game. A selection of Waitan buildings that we have made (this selection can also be changed) are arranged on a long game board. Every building is a field. A dice with numbers from 1-4 and the two additional fields 'go to the past' / 'go to the future' is included in the game. Players move forward normally when throwing a number (1-4). With 'go into the past' you move onto a building behind the field you standing on (on the left), which is in the past / older than the building you currently standing on. The same applies to 'go to the future'. This can sometimes mean that the player can make several moves to the front or falls several fields back again. The winner is the one who first arrives at the last building. Since this last building is the oldest one it’s not possible to win with the ‚go to the future‘ movement. A small booklet is attached to the game, in which more detailed information can be found in English and Chinese about the buildings and their history.
    This game takes players on a stroll along Waitan and also people who have not been to Shanghai can discover the architecture and history of this part of the city.
    When placed upright on a bookshelf or hung on the wall the board becomes a picture and souvenir.
    The board game is laid out on eight DIN A 5 cardboards that can be folded up. The folded game is in a cardboard box together with the dice and five simple standard pawns.
    The costs for material and production are very low for board games. The spiritual value always exceeds that of the materials many times over. The result is an individual product with a story that connects people with one another and is very cheap to produce.
    Shanghai is famous for its very special style, which is also a result of its international history. For our board game we took up the aesthetics of old Shanghai and adapted it to the current time and design language.
    A board game connects people with each other and lets friends and family who stayed at home immerse themselves in the history of 'the Bund' and maybe make them also want to go to Shanghai on their next vacation. The past year has shown how great is peoples need to spend time with family and friends. A board game invites others to share an experience, to learn something about foreign places, instead of a simple selfie, which is uploaded on a social media platform, a board game can be a connecting, narrative, fun and educational souvenir.


    HEYi Design Studio:Liping Lin

    Design Background
    “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes”, similarly, there are various impressions of The Bund.
    New Perspective
    To answer the diversity of people’s impressions and memories of The Bund, our starting point goes beyond a certain object, and turns to subjective scents that evoke personal emotion. It also reveals our understanding of trends for a new era: Personalization and Spiritual Consumerism.
    Design Personal Fragrance
    Customers can mix different fragrance oils, and design their unique “scent of The Bund”, to memorize a place with their signature scents. It could be a great gift for themselves or their friends and loved ones.
    Fragrance Visualization
    By introducing colors, names and icons to different oils, customers’ imagination could be inspired to a great extent, and the abstract concoction would become an art creation. Colorful magnetic cubes help to record the oil proportion visually, and could be displayed on the metal plate in different ways, that increase customer engagement through fun.
    Sense of Ritual
    The map bridges the creation of the scents with the impression of The Bund, that evokes the memory of the place. The ceramic map diffuser is also a delicate decoration. The hidden magnets inside the diffuser increase its display possibilities.
    Fun and Happiness
    The magnetic cubes for creative play bring fun, unique fragrance defines personal signature, provides physical and mental relaxation, and adds a little spice to daily life.
    Gift Set Includes:
    • Scented Ceramic with Map Pattern:130mm x 130mm x 10mm
    • Metal Plate:130mm x 130mm x 1mm
    • Essential Oils:7 x 2 mL
    • 6mm Magnet Cubes:8 x 12

    《STORY OF THE BUND外滩系列巧克力》


    This design is inspired by the Shanghai Bund International Architecture Exhibition Group. The Bund is a symbol of Shanghai, old and elegant. We hope to extract this elegance and record it. The architectural modeling chocolate reproduces the modeling characteristics of the Bund architecture, and enables the Bund to be displayed in another peculiar way.

    Third Prize

    《New Memories • Shanghai》

    Y-Studio:Zhu Wenrong , Zou Yuxin , Li Zhiwenhui

    The works selected three representative buildings from the Shanghai Bund International Architecture Exhibition Group: Shanghai General Assembly, Asia Building, and China Commercial Bank Building. According to the three buildings, three series of chocolate packaging and three series of red packets were designed. When creating, we use AI to draw the outline of the building, and use the drawn building outline as the decoration of the packaging, to color, and second composition, which not only retains the characteristics of the building, but also innovates the form of expression, giving the packaging a unique charm. Fireworks symbolizes festive, auspicious, magnificent and joyous scenes. The new decade and the new atmosphere also imply that Shanghai's future is getting better and better. The whole package highlights Shanghai characteristics, beautifully drawn, and strong series.

    《AIR BUND Magnetic Earrings》


    The design is inspired by the Bank of Communications Building on the Bund 14 of the World Architecture Exposition Group on the Bund. The architectural feature elements are simplified as earrings, and the bottom building is designed as an earring base to act as a jewelry box. The highlight of the design is the magnetic tab between the earring and the base, linking the two together. The transparent glass box protects it without affecting the look and feel of the shape.

    《The Bund of Shanghai – Mindfulness Coloring Book》

    Jaakko Tikkanen

    The idea is to make people feel good - while at the same time they are building their own version of the Bund of Shanghai. They are coloring and building images in they mind, by the way they see them. The Bund of Shanghai could become even the symbol of relaxation and harmony.
    Researchers at the University of Otago randomly assigned participants to a coloring a logic-puzzle group and found that after a week of daily practice displayed significantly lower levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms.
    Three reasons adult coloring can be calming:
    1. Attention flows away from ourselves.
    2. It relaxes the brain.
    3. Low stakes make it pleasurable.

    Honorable Mention

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    《light and night SHANGHAI》——李宛霖


    《感官旅行多用杯》——WM Creative:石靓儿、吴双

    《FROM AND GO》——Aris Budhiyanto

    《SHANGHAI fluid city》——Anuthama






    《Wood and stone bell》——木非石:陈濛、严天乐、龚佳瑶

    《The Bund钢笔礼盒》——石靖川


    《外滩主题风格 · 大富翁》——赖楚玥


    《上海 · 海上》——张弼超

    《扑克牌 · 外滩》——丁一展、胡蝶


    《外滩记忆MEMORIES OF THE BUND》——徐程宇


    winner list









    《THE HYBIRD RING》——Aasr Moustafa





    《BundMory》——Sami Ellafi

    《psychedelic》——Mariah Cherubim






    《enamel pin》——Mikhail Kriger






    《Keeping pace with the times》——沈伟斌









    《bund cakes》——Alvaro del Rio










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